The PG2-15 is a machine for gnocchi production fed by a piston. It extrudes the dough without modifying its structure, therefore it is very useful for producing really tender gnocchi. All parts in contact with the dough are built with food-grade materials, maximizing protection against corrosion.

This gnocchi machine can be disassembled for easy cleaning.

The PG2-15 gnocchi machine works with both gnocchi mixes and fresh potatoes.

With the PG2-15 gnocchi machine, it is possible to obtain smooth, striped gnocchi and chicche.

Possible to adjust the length and depth of the gnocco with a practical electric regulator on the front of the machine.

Production 40/50 kg/h
Dimensions 480 x 470 x 940h mm
Weight Empty 46 kg
Installed Power 0,65 kW
Standard voltage 230 monofase