RZ150 – Pasta machine for fresh, dry and gluten free pasta

±150 kg/h

Available in different shapes, the RZ150 press is a pasta machine for fresh long or short pasta and pasta sheets, suitable for small industrial use producing fresh pasta or dry pasta… just combine it with our dryers.

The RZ150 press can also be equipped with a vertical head to optimize the production of some shapes, such as penne, paccheri, etc…. These types of shapes certainly benefit from vertical extrusion.

The RZ150 press is equipped with:

  • a traditional mixing upper tank with a capacity of 40-45 kg of flour that allows for a horizontal movement to pour the mixture into the lower extrusion tank
  • lower tank with vacuum to ensure higher product quality

  • an inverter for speed regulation

  • the extrusion channel is equipped with fittings for the cooling system for continuous use, 24/7

  • stairs to access to the upper tank

The extrusion pressure was calculated to maintain the quality of the raw materials unaltered.

Completely removable stainless steel linchpins and blades facilitate quick and easy cleaning.


The machine allows the extrusion of all types of gluten-free flour, in addition to the traditional soft wheat and semolina flour.

Thanks to the use of vacuum extrusion, the machine is particularly suitable for the production of very high quality dry pasta, obtained from both traditional and gluten-free flour.


By changing the die, the RZ150 press can make many different shapes of pasta of different sizes and with a special die it is also possible to produce pasta sheets for lasagna and filled pasta.

DIES AVAILABLE IN BRONZE OR TEFLON INSERTS (Ø180-200mm) already hard chrome plated.


The RZ150 press can be combined with the the AV350 sheet winding machine + PRS250 ravioli machine to produce filled pasta, ravioli of various shapes and sizes already cut and separated, filled with any type of filling.


To produce dry pasta you can add to the RZ150 press our dryers, ESS200 or ESS400.

Actual Production

±150 kg/h


1.000 x 1.700 (con scala) x 1.850 h mm

Weight Empty

480 Kg

Mixing upper tank capacity (only flour)


Installed power

5 kW

Standard Voltage