Fresh gluten-free pasta has become more and more in demand. Our GF (gluten free) machines are in the best high quality gluten-free fresh pasta factories.
The particular construction of our GF presses and our volumix pre-mix allows you to work particularly soft doughs, therefore very suitable for pairing with gluten-free filled pasta makers.

Our GF (gluten free) presses are specially designed for processing gluten-free blends. Our GF presses produce a very elastic final product with a natural color that does not lose its organoleptic characteristics.

From Dough to Pack

We are able to follow You in the construction of Your gluten-free fresh pasta factory, starting from the preparation of the dough to packaging, thanks to the wide range of machinery we produce:

  • Automatic Mixer (pre-mix volumix) or batch mixer;
  • GF Presses or automatic sheeter;
  • Molding machines for stuffed pasta, both with one or double pasta sheets;
  • Cutting Group;
  • Molding machines for shapes of regions;
  • Pasteurizers;
  • Wet-Dryers;
  • Cooling machines.

Our wide range of machinery allows us to customize the following lines for gluten-free fresh pasta:


Mixer – GF Press – Pasteurizers – Wet-Dryer – Cooling machine



Mixer – GF Press or Sheeter – Molding machines for stuffed pasta, one or double pasta sheets – Wet-Dryer – Cooling Machine


Mixer – Sheeter – Cutting Group – Pasteurizers – Wet-Dryer – Cooling Machine



Mixer – Molding machines for shapes of regions – Pasteurizers – Wet-Dryer – Cooling Machine

Our technical department will follow You in the realization of Your project, so that it is suited to your needs in terms of quantity to be produced and available space.

La Parmigiana has always paid particular attention to small and medium artisan pasta factories that produce high quality gluten-free fresh pasta and in fact the guidelines have always been reliability, flexibility, automation, and last but not least energy saving.


Our machines, which range from small pasta machines to the complete pasta lines for pasta factories, are designed and produced entirely within our factory according to international standards. All La Parmigiana machines are rigorously checked and certified by our quality department. The after-sales service is guaranteed by our specialized personnel.

Energy Saving

Energy consumption of all the machines have been optimized to reduce the average consumption by 30% compared to the old generation technology.



All pasta lines are and can be designed for the production of different pasta shapes. In fact, our flexibility guarantees customized solutions to each customer’s needs.


The automation of our pasta lines can vary according to the customers’ requests, and each line can be totally controlled and managed with just one operator.

Accuracy and efficiency are obligatory passages that determine what we call “The Culture of Quality”.