Do you have a small pasta shop of fresh pasta and would you also like to produce high quality dry pasta? Now there is the New ESS20, our mini-dryer!

This dryer has 20 wooden trays on a stainless steel trolley and it has everything needed for the drying process.

Small, but super performing! During the tests that we have done, the pasta was solid and with the right residual moisture, and it could pass the so-called “fall test” (it doesn’t break letting it fall on the floor). The NEW ESS20 is equipped with a control panel containing a microprocessor control with display, integrated keypad, and it can memorize the program, restarting automatically in case of a blackout.

The ESS20 comes with 3 basic programs but gives the user the possibility to set another 17. As a result, the Customer can manage the initial temperature, humidity level and the ventilation times, as well as the pause times for each cycle.

The ESS20 dryer can be used also as a dryer for fresh pasta.