La Parmigiana’s multifaceted machines

FLEXIBILITY is a natural predisposition frequently put into practice by La Parimgiana. Thanks to the expertise and versatility of our in-house technical department that is constantly adapting La Parmigiana’s machines, we respond to the most unusual requests made by our customers. While we produce machines typically for the pasta market, we also accept “challenges” launched by our customers beyond the usual boundaries.

Could you ever have imagined that our pasta machine would be converted for use in the cosmetics industry?
La Parmigiana’s D45 and SG30 are among the best sellers of our two extruder presses that are able to create cosmetics. It is no secret that these machines which were originally born for producing pasta have entered the most prestigious laboratories of Italian cosmetics to extrude blushes, lipsticks and other products obviously not intended for food use.

So as you can see, La Parmigiana’s pasta machines are able to be transformed and adapted to the production of substances destined for a market far removed from the usual. All this is thanks to the deep knowledge of the extrusion production processes and the technical and design skills of our internal staff, and the long experience gained over the years.

Looking good while eating well!

Buon appetito from La Parmigiana!