High-level catering can be defined as a kitchen that selects raw materials through the criteria of health, naturalness and bioethics. As a consequence, there is an increase in the shift of using genuine homemade products with materials even at zero km, which guarantees the absence of additives or preservatives, aiming at the personalization of the product and the creation of “unique” recipes.

Therefore, one must stand out by producing the best fresh pasta according to its own exclusive recipe. La Parmigiana machines have been designed to achieve this goal allowing you to work with confidence to create a product of excellence for years and years.

Since 1949 La Parmigiana has built its machines according to the high standards it sets for itself. As a result, our machines produce pasta that do not lose the characteristics of color, texture, taste and nutrional value as if the pasta was made by hand.

La Parmigiana offers a complete range of pasta making machines from the smallest but highly appreciated “RV3” to the “D35”, the “D45-C” or the larger “SG30”. Furthermore, we have our ravioli, gnocchi and pasta sheeter machines and more. Everything you need to create a small but highly professional production center in your kitchen, relying on great reliability and durability with low maintenance and easy cleaning.

All built to give great satisfaction for generations…

Buon appetito from La Parmigiana!!