machines à pâtes

The productivity data, which is quite important in the choice of pasta machines (especially if it is a function of drying) is sometimes used in a « strategic » way, even if it is misleading.

Production capacity is defined by EXTRUSION (or instant) production and REAL production.

The EXTRUSION production indicates the quantity of pasta that comes out of the die, in the unit of time. It is normally obtained by measuring the weight per minute. Multiplying this datum by 60 minutes gives the hourly datum. It goes without saying that this data is useless, because it does not consider the COMPLETE working cycle (REAL production).

In fact, in the complete processing cycle it is necessary to calculate the time for introducing raw materials, the mixing / hydration time and finally the extrusion time.

If a machine, for example, had an extrusion production capacity of 20 kg / h, the real production could be around 12 kg / h.

To partially obviate the « unproductive » times, in some cases there is a tendency to increase the capacity of the tank. This expedient slightly improves productivity and rather affects the quality of the product, which is stressed in the tank causing it to stay longer, increasing its oxidation.