AUTOMATION AND AUTOMATED HANDLING of La Parmigiana’s Pasta Lines Since 1949

Our machineries offer a union between tradition and advanced technology which becomes evident in the management of trays. Our lines have become almost all fully automated. The automation level can vary according to customers’ requests and can reach the control and management of the total line with just one operator. Process and devices automation is managed by the central PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). The best automation level is achieved by adding the following elements to the basic lines:

  • Automatic feeding trays
  • Trays unloader/de-palletizer machine for trolleys with trays
  • Trays stacker with speed adjust and pre-load of trays
  • Emptying machine to empty the trays from dry pasta

La Parmigiana’s objective: help our customers utilize complete lines run by the lowest possible number of operators.

The final result: optimizing production cost, allowing for a faster return on the investment.

The installation of La Parmigiana’s pasta-tray handling machines can be used not only to our existing lines, but also to the lines of other manufacturers.

Energy saving: Consumption of all the machines has been optimized such to reduce the average consumption by 30% compared to the old generation technology.


  • Adaptable to all types of trays
  • Loading side of trolleys is adaptable to customers’ needs


  • Adaptable to all types of trays and pasta shapes
  • Very efficient, it can manage up to 10 trays per minute


  • Adaptable to all types of trays
  • Able to manage up to 10 standard trays


  • Adaptable to all types of trays and pasta shapes
  • Very efficient, up to 1200 kg/h
  • Easily adaptable to different packaging machines