Recently revisited, PG2-15 is a machine for gnocchi production fed by piston. It extrudes the dough without modifying its structure, therefore it is very useful to produce really tender gnocchi. All parts in contact with the dough are built with food-grade materials with the maximum protection against corrosion; it can be disassembled for easy cleaning. PG15 machine is provided with the ultimate safety standard required.
It is possible to set the dimension of the gnocchi by a regulation knob on the front of the mainboard. It possible to adjust the depth of the lining.


  • Hourly production: Kg/h 40/50
  • Power supply: From 215 to 245V/50-60Hz/1Ph
  • Voltage: V/Hz 400/50
  • Electrical absorption: kW 0,65
  • Weight: Kg 46
  • Dimension: mm 480 x 470 x 940h