Pasta machine for fresh, dry and gluten free pasta

//Pasta machine for fresh, dry and gluten free pasta

Pasta machine for fresh, dry and gluten free pasta

“QUALITY ACCORDING TO TRADITION” or more specifically, continued research without betraying the origins.

In a market always more interested in high quality products, particularly organic, the SG30 is a pasta machine designed for a demanding customer, who does not want to compromise good health and quality pasta. This pasta machine is perfect for a fresh pasta’s laboratory that wants high quality of their final product. For example, the SG30 can be suited well for catering companies and chain restaurants. This double hopper small-big press with centrifugal mixing hopper allows the extrusion of all types of flour and non-wheat blends, in addition to traditional soft wheat flour and semolina with or without eggs. The quality of the final product is also guaranteed by the extrusion dynamics that has been calculated to maintain the quality of the raw materials unaltered. This pasta machine is also perfect for the production of gluten free pasta. Another important feature is that the SG30 can be combined with the PR90 ravioli machine to produce stuffed pasta. Any kind of filling may be stuffed into pre-cut and already separated ravioli of various shapes and sizes using our PR90. Would you like to enter into the world of the dry pasta? It’s easy! You just need a dryer in your pasta lab and your dried pasta will be ready in no time.

Buon appetito from La Parmigiana!

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