Celiac disease is a permanent intolerance to gluten, protein component found in wheat and in other cereals like spelt, barley, rye, kamut, big spelt, triticum, bulgur, malt, Greek wheat and seitan.

The only cure is to eliminate gluten from diet.
Such intolerance, once quite limited in number of cases, in the last years increased a lot, rising to the 1% of the total population of Europe and USA, countries where cereals have always been the base food of the diet. Anyway, celiac disease is growing also in other part of the world.

For that reason, La Parmigiana has already designed and produced specific gluten free pasta lines, with the right dimension to front a new market continuously growing.

La Parmigiana machines can work with pre-gelatinized flours or with raw flours through gelatin treatment using starch as thickener.

Pasta Lines


La Parmigiana Pasta machines for restaurants satisfy the production needs from about 30 to 150 covers with just one hour work. You can also combine ravioli machines for filled pasta production. Add to your kitchen the gnocchi machine. Choose the machines better suit your needs.
La Parmigiana’s pasta machines for restaurant are suitable for use with pre-gelatinized gluten free flours, without any modify.


Designed and born to ease operator’s job, pasta shops machines are produced to work several hours without stopping. In addition to pasta and ravioli-machines you can complete your pasta shop with others, allowing a fast, reliable and high quality production, like pasteurizers, wet dryers…

Ask us to design your best pasta shop with all the machines suitable for gluten free flours.


La Parmigiana has always devoted special attention to small and medium artisan pasta makers producing high quality pasta with diversification of products and ingredients and use the static dryers for special drying processes. In this context, La Parmigiana has developed and optimized fully automatic lines with capacity from 200 to 450 kg / h
Designed to satisfy different markets such as the artisans respecting the traditional Italian highest quality, and the worldwide producers of special formats.
The guidelines of La Parmigiana are always: reliability, flexibility, automation and not least energy saving.