Couscous is a typical food from North Africa, also well known in Sicily. Its own qualities – presence of vitamins, trace elements and fibres, almost total lack of fats – are appreciated anyway in other Countries, being one of the first foods eaten in the World.
It can be produce with wheat flours, barley, millet, maize and sorghum.
La Parmigiana, always sensitive to market demands and thanks to its production flexibility, dedicated to this food a specific line. The plant for the production of couscous developed by La Parmigiana has as its essential feature the complete automation on a production of 300 kg / h.
The advantage of this line is its compact size that makes it attractive also for small and medium artisan producers, ensuring the highest quality in the various shapes. In fact, they can thus diversify their production, entering a market that is increasingly expanding.
The line, technologically advanced, has the inspiring concept in his artisanal various stages of production of couscous. La Parmigiana made automated this process on the basis of experience unmatched in terms of automation of small and medium plants. The simplicity of construction guarantees long reliability with low maintenance and easily performed even by unskilled personnel.

Cous Cous Line