The C800 is the result of a long constructive project that combines the great tradition of pasta production with the most advanced technologies.

How does the C800 optimize production?
• Pre-mixer
• large hydration mixer
• vacuum extrusion
• PLC controlling all production phases

What kind of flour must be used?
The C800, as well as all of its smaller sisters, was designed to work well with all types of flour available on the market.

What kind of drying process can be used?
Its remarkable adaptability and versatility allows it to be the perfect machine for pasta factories that use a static or continuous drying system.

How is the C800 most efficient for the pasta maker?
Its double mixer system allows one to manage well all the phases of the dough in the best possible way, making the work of the pasta maker much easier.

The C800 guarantees to maintain the organoleptic qualities.
The attention to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the raw materials used, is thanks to a careful choice of the construction standards and the materials used.