Who We Are


La Parmigiana was founded in Fidenza in 1949, during the after war’s years and rebuilding. Thanks to the economic “boom” and the following positive influence all over the social classes, Italians started to become demanding, asking a better quality for all the food products. Among all, pasta played an important rule, being not more a basic food for poor people but essential, for what in the world has known as the perfect diet: the Mediterranean Diet.

In Fidenza, the Company built the first motorized machine producing pasta with a capacity of 10 kg/h. Since then, Company’s attention focused on to combine the best technologies to optimize and lighten pasta artisans’ work. The primary target to maintain is the highest quality of pasta produced by La Parmigiana machines. Thanks to the efforts and the experience matured in over 60 years of activity, Clients worldwide are satisfied and La Parmigiana can be considered one of the Italian leader Companies in pasta machines and plants production of artisan pasta. There is a wide range of products including model with different production capacity (from 5 to 500Kg/h, and semi-industrial lines working 24H, satisfying the requirements of small and medium pasta producers)

All over those years, we supported our Clients to simplify production process and find the right solution to any problem, even the smallest, thanks to our technicians’ skills and our products reliability.

The machines utilize special materials, suitable for every kind of flour used in production process. They also utilize last generation technologies to ease daily use. Leader for PLC system allowing, through modem connection, to control the status of our machines placed everywhere in the world directly from Company’s office and in the same time to supply a real fast support to the clients during daily production.



A constant research of the best combination between pasta’s organoleptic properties, traditional or innovative, with cutting edge production technics.
An Organization based on customer’s needs satisfaction reached through the highest flexibility and the best attention in realization.


To produce machines and lines able to transform natural and quality ingredients into pasta, the closest to that produced by the hand of man, ensuring the best value for money.
A continuous search of maximum safety, ease of use and cleaning, no maintenance, environmental friendliness.
Use as much as possible components of Italian quality to enhance the real "Made in Italy", in a sector traditionally Italian.